Micro Book Studio does not work only with e-books, but also and mainly with special MBS HTML E-Libraries containing many books written by a same author or about a same argument. MBS Libraries are available to be downloaded from Internet sites, as in Libraries and Books Store, or may be built by own user by freeware software Micro Edit Studio. Downloaded from Internet or built by own user, each library must be stored in an exclusive folder and its General Index will be always named as 00-index.htm. To open a library, click at Open Icon at Micro Book Studio upper tool bar and select 00-index.htm file. Micro Book Studio will show at screen library General Index.

To navigate inside opened library user may click on hiperlinks that are in library indexes or in Micro Book Studio upper or lower navigation arrow. Navigation arrow that points to left opens work previous chapter, navigation arrow that points to right opens next chapter and middle navigation arrow that points upward goes back to previous index.

When user wants to stop reading, he may mark file where his reading had stopped clicking on Mark Icon. Micro Book Studio will remember not only file address where user was but also cursor position in it.

User may return to marked file in which he had stopped reading clicking on Go Icon. Go Icon remembers not only file address but also cursor position inside it when marking was made. Go Icon continues remembering file address and position all time while a new position is not marked by Mark Icon. Go Icon memory is not lost if software is closed and reopened even after several days or any days number. If user is reading several works simultaneously he may find in Menu Markers several Mark and Go To Menu Items available, similar to Mark and Go Icons.

The best way to learn how to use Micro Book Studio is by its Help Files. Help Files may be opened clicking in Menu Help and are not a conventional Windows Help but a true MBS e-library containing a Work named as Step by Step Tutorial and an Opuscle named Software Installing. As any MBS e-library, Help Files may be underlined, allow note insertion and may be searched by Micro Book Studio special search tools.

Files in a MBS e-library are coded in a HTML variation that contains special code for Micro Book Studio but that are compatible with any conventional browser. This means that user may read and navigate in any MBS library by other browsers like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, but by these he will not be able to underline texts, insert notes or to make special searches. However, underlines or notes inserted in a library by Micro Book Studio, although cannot be edited by a conventional browser, may be read by them.

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